Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day dreams

I have often dreamed of moving somewhere glamorous for a few months, anywhere from 2-6 would be fabulous. Maybe even a year. In my mind this would always happen after I finished my schooling. I mean who would not want to leave a current life behind and reinvent yourself somewhere bigger and better. There is a wide array of cities that would suit themselves for just this purpose. But for some reason I have had my eyes set on London. It seems the perfect distance from Canada. Plus it is close enough to Europe that you can have a plethora of weekend travel opportunities.

Well yesterday I logged onto Facebook and noticed that a friend has relocated there from Toronto to attend school. As happy as I was for her, my stomach actually sank. It's always disappointing to see other people live the life you want...I guess I may have to set up a new savings account.

What plans have you been putting off?


  1. I feel the same way as you. I feel happy for those people of course, but I am always insanely jealous. I have a friend who lived in Japan for 2 years, then Hawaii, and now Germany.

  2. London is in Europe ;) Going abroad is awesome!

  3. My bad, This is Nikki from Stilettos for studying not jen... not quite sure how that happened. Too much studying I guess.

  4. You know, somehow I didn't realize you were Canadian. My mom is too! You'll get to Toronto or London eventually. Eyes on the prize :)

  5. That's actually good motivation to do something you really want to but I understand your feelings completely.

    I get the exact same feeling every time I meet some one around my age and they are already living on there own where as I still live at home with my parents.

  6. It's a beautiful dream!


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